Valencian lawyers ask to be included in the decree of support for the self-employed

Valencian lawyers ask to be included in the decree of support for the self-employed

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The Valencian Council of Bar Associations (CVCA) announces that it will appeal the decree of aid to the self-employed to include lawyers.

The decree grants direct aid to self-employed professionals of 1,500 euros or 750 euros, depending on whether they have ceased or decreased their activity as a result of the measures adopted to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. The group of lawyers considers that the Decree of the Ministry of Economy published last Saturday is discriminatory, but will not request its suspension so as not to paralyze the granting of aid to other professionals.

The Valencian Council of Bar Associations last week requested the Generalitat that aid for the self-employed include not only those who contribute to such a Social Security regime, but also the self-employed who, by legal provision, are listed on the professional mutual societies of Social security alternatives to said regime, including the Mutualidad de la Abogacia Espanola. Since then, communications have taken place with representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, and the verbal response received has been clear: They will not be included, according to the CVCA in a statement.

In the opinion of the CVCA, the approved aid violates the constitutional principle of equality, given that they are not in charge of Social Security but of the budget of the Generalitat, which is nourished by the taxes of all citizens and, however, are only intended to the self-employed who contribute to Social Security, preventing access to those who, as legally established, contribute to alternative social security professional mutual insurance societies.

The President of the Council, Antonio Esteban, has stated that “proof of this unfounded discrimination is that municipalities such as Valencia have included all the self-employed among the beneficiaries of the aid, without discriminating against contributors to mutual societies.”



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