Victoria Beckham provokes outrage in crisis

Victoria Beckham provokes outrage in crisis

The Beckhams outraged millions of Britons! Victoria Beckham has laid off 30 employees of her clothing brand on technical unemployment. The British state will pay 80% of their salaries, a shame for the ex-Spice Girl with a colossal fortune.

Although confined and deprived of exit, the Beckhams are not bored! The family of David and Victoria Beckham made headlines in the UK for a neighborhood dispute and, more importantly, a business decision affecting multiple employees. The fashion designer and ex-Spice Girl has put 30 of her employees on technical unemployment and will be helped by the British government to pay them.

The info is signed Daily Mail ! The Victoria Beckham brand, founded by the designer of the same name, put 30 of its employees in the marketing and customer service departments, and its shop located on Bond Street in London, on technical unemployment for two months. These employees have learned that the British government will pay them 80% of their salaries, as part of a fund to support companies affected by the coronavirus and initiated by Rishi Sunak, Minister responsible for the Treasury and Finance (known as the Chancellor). of the Exchequer).

The British brand has committed to pay them the remaining 20%.

The news is shocking in the United Kingdom. The media recall that the fortune of Victoria and David Beckham is estimated at 335 million pounds sterling (almost 380 million euros). In addition, the couple recently acquired a new residence in Miami, where the former footballer created a football team playing in Major League Soccer (MLS), worth 17 million pounds (nearly 20 million euros) and would have spent around 115,000 euros for the evening of their elder son’s 21st birthday, Brooklyn.

The influential journalist Piers Morgan said he was scandalized. “It’s a shame. The Beckhams are using taxpayers’ money to bail out a vain and collapsing business. Shame on you“, the presenter tweeted.

The other piece of information that will not go up in popularity for the Beckhams concerns a neighborhood dispute. Through London Projects Ltd, David and Victoria were reportedly able to block a new neighbor’s building permit application, Edward Harris, near Holland Park in London. The former footballer and his wife opposed the installation of a light pipe with the council of the royal suburbs of Kensington and Chelsea.

The Velux window would have been visible from the Beckham house, nicknamed Beckingham Palace II (in reference to Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace), and would have been likely to “light up like a beacon in the evening.



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