Virologist worried about corona development in Germany

Virologist worried about corona development in Germany

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Virologist Christian Drosten fears that the corona loosening could hit Germany hard.

Virologist Christian Drosten sees the danger that Germany may lose previous successes in corona containment and the situation may slip away.

He currently regrets “seeing so much that we are just about to lose this advantage here completely,” said the head of Virology at the Charité on Wednesday in the NDR podcast. In international comparison, Germany is one of the most successful countries in combating pandemics because the outbreak was recognized very early on.

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Virologist Christian Drosten in concern: complete shopping malls full of people again

Drosten criticized that complete shopping malls were now full of people because the individual shops were smaller than 800 square meters. “You have to ask yourself if all of this really makes sense.”

Corona shops open

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Corona shops open

With a view to inquiries that reached him, he also warned against “individual interpretations” after the first easing: “If everyone starts to interpret their own scope of interpretation completely freely, then new infection chains suddenly start in many places in Germany.”

Virologist Christian Drosten warns of a worsening of the corona situation

It would not surprise him if one suddenly came into a situation over May and June that “we cannot control if we are not careful,” emphasized Drosten. There would then be many more starting points for the virus than at the beginning of the epidemic.

Germany is currently in a very fragile area, said Drosten, referring to the number of reproductions recently estimated by the Robert Koch Institute at 0.9. This means that on average almost every infected person infects a different person. (dpa)

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