Vitamin C and D supplements, as important as washing our hands?

Vitamin C and D supplements, as important as washing our hands?

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We have been given plenty of guidelines to prevent the covid-19 expand uncontrollably. It remains to be seen if what we have done will have a good result. The signals we are receiving are promising, but there is still a long way to go. Some of those guidelines are, as we know, not touching our faces, keeping the safe distance, washing our hands … But some scientists believe that there should have been more standards, specifically some related to nutrition.This is how the researchers put it Philip C. Calder, Anitra C. Carr, Adrian F. Gombart and Manfred Eggersdorfer, of the Southampton University and that of Oregon, in a study published in the journal ‘Nutrients’. In it, the researchers argue that the consumption of nutritional supplements could be beneficial in the fight against covid-19.

“The population at risk of inadequate intake of vitamin D reaches values ​​between 80 and 90%”

Scientists maintain that the authorities should establish a series of nutritional guidelines while recommending that we wash our hands to prevent the spread of infections, specifically this one that we suffer right now. “Around the world, acute infections of our upper respiratory tract kill more than 2.5 million people every year“states the researcher Adrian Gombart. He continues: “At the same time, we have a wealth of data showing the role that good nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy and functional immune system. As a society we need to do a better job of transmitting this message. along with others of equal importance such as keeping the safety distance, wearing a mask or washing our hands. “

Investigator Adrian Gombart. (University of Oregon)

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Investigator Adrian Gombart. (University of Oregon)

Investigator Adrian Gombart. (University of Oregon)

Indeed, as the researchers explain, certain micronutrients such as vitamins C and D, zinc or omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for our immune function. “The role of vitamins C and D has been very studied. The first is essential for the growth and proliferation of immune cells and for the antibody production. At the same time, the receptors of these cells are sensitive to the second vitamin, which alters and improves their function, “explains researcher Gombart.

Luckily for us, we live in Spain, land of the Mediterranean diet and its wonderful contribution of nutrients. The Ministry of Health, Consumption and Well-being prepares a survey on the food and nutrition of the Spanish population called ENIDE. In her what nutrients are scarce in our diet are specified. Vitamin C is not one of them since, as they clarify, “an inadequate intake of it is not seen in the population.” But in the case of D, the story is very different. Much of the Spanish do not consume all that they should. In fact, the study specifies that “the Percentages of population at risk of inadequate intake reach values ​​between 80 and 90%Indeed, our diet is very deficient in this micronutrient. This poses a danger to our immune system.

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Patricia MateyTo reach the necessary levels, it is essential eat foods rich in vitamin D, but this it’s not always easy. For this reason, a supplementation can be very useful, as the researchers state. Our health comes first and none of us want to be infected with the coronavirus, but in the event that this occurs, we must have an immune system capable of meeting this challenge.


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