Vox asks to “open the hand” with more sectors and industries “so as not to let the productive fabric die”

Vox asks to

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He regrets that the Government is waiting for Spain to be destroyed and then try to rescue it from the ashes.

Vox Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith calls on the government to “open more hands” with more sectors and industries during the de-escalation of the state of alarm by the Covid-19, so as to avoid “letting the productive fabric die and economic”.

In an interview on Toro TV, Ortega Smith pointed out that obviously the measures in the de-escalation must be taken in agreement with the health authorities, but he remarked that they can have greater freedom of action “all those who pass the tests or have passed the coronavirus and have antibodies and have some protection. ”

He said that the return to normality after the state of alarm “has to be done in a phased manner.” However, he defended that you cannot have the entire population locked up, because “there are people who are at risk and families who live locked in 40 or 50 square meters with children.”

Therefore, he advocated looking for jobs that can resume activity while maintaining the corresponding security and distance measures. In this sense, he commented that “if pharmacies can be serving the public with screens, with protection or entering one by one, we think that there are many other businesses that could be serving in this way.”

In this way, Ortega Smith assured that “you can open your hand.” “Nobody is saying at once and openly to open a cinema or a restaurant, although many have made interesting proposals with partitions or entrance and exit doors.”

The Vox deputy indicated that his proposal is that “all these issues cannot have a component of political imposition for their own sake, but must have a basis, on the one hand, for health and, on the other, for economic necessity and urgency.”

Famine and millions of unemployed

Vox’s secretary general regretted that the government is currently talking about a “post-destruction plan”. He criticized that in the Executive they are “waiting for Spain to be destroyed and then trying to rescue it from the ashes”. “We say that we must prevent Spain from burning to ashes, opening certain sectors and certain industries.”

He recalled that since their formation they bet that “instead of rushing out to buy material, they talk to our industrial sector”, because “we have magnificent companies, magnificent engineers, magnificent industries, specialists and scientists”. For this reason, he advocated “putting them to work immediately” in the construction of respirators, UVI material or masks.

Ortega Smith warned that “let’s see if we are going to get out of this terrible national tragedy from a health point of view and we are going to enter another one that is a Spain of famine and millions of unemployed, because the Government believes that money falls from heaven”. He concluded that “there must be a productive fabric that allows us to help those who have been left behind in order to get ahead.”



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