VW makes comparison with 200,000 diesel holders

VW makes comparison with 200,000 diesel holders

The car maker pays diesel owners compensation in the millions.

The total amount of compensation amounts to 620 million euros. A further 21,000 cases are being examined beyond this comparison.

Volkswagen has agreed on compensation as part of the settlement negotiated with consumer protection groups with around 200,000 diesel owners. A total of around 620 million euros will be distributed to them, the Wolfsburg-based carmaker announced on Monday, the cut-off date for the acceptance of the comparison.

Another 21,000 cases would still be examined. The deadline was extended to April 30 to enable other persons entitled to compare to register and others to submit documents later.

“The high number of comparisons concluded today shows that the comparison offer was perceived by our customers as fair and that the way to the individual settlement conclusion worked well,” said VW board member Hiltrud Werner.

Volkswagen had negotiated a settlement with the consumer association VZBV at the end of February. According to this, the carmaker is providing compensation for a total of 262,000 eligible VW customers of 830 million euros.

From May 5, amounts between EUR 1,350 and EUR 6,250 will be transferred to the beneficiaries. In return, they must forego future lawsuits.

Originally, 470,000 people had registered for the model declaratory action. The final figure was lower in the comparison because the negotiations agreed to only consider diesel owners who bought their car before January 1, 2016.

Afterwards, according to Volkswagen, the buyers should have known that the diesel had been manipulated. The car maker had admitted four and a half years ago that it had a million times the exhaust gas values ​​of diesel cars with software.

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