War of influence between Washington and Beijing around the Wuhan P4 laboratory

War of influence between Washington and Beijing around the Wuhan P4 laboratory

In the United States, part of the press explores the hypothesis of a Covid-19 pandemic resulting from an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan, the cradle of the coronavirus. To this track are grafted geopolitical considerations pitting Americans and Chinese against the rest of the world.

Donald trump

The assumption germinated in the American press these last days and does not cease swelling, to the point of occupying the chancelleries today and igniting the diplomatic reports. And if the Covid-19 that we believed until now came from the market of Wuhan in China had in fact spread from an accident in a laboratory of this same city, where we study the coronavirus of the bats- mouse? According to this version, it was one of the members of the laboratory who was contaminated in the first place before exporting the disease outside the walls hosting these experiments.

American investigations

On Fox News, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this Friday: “We are conducting a full investigation into everything we can learn about how this virus has spread, infected the world and caused such a tragedy.”

On our antenna, our correspondent in the United States, Jean-Bernard Cadier, made the synthesis this Friday of the emergence of this theory:

“It has come from the press and from a number of American parliamentarians who reveal information that obviously Western governments have known for years. There are one or more laboratories working in the city of Wu coronavirus in Wuhan city. -mouse, which of course raises suspicion. Isn’t the epidemic part of this laboratory, and not of the famous market as the Chinese government says? A third of the first people infected in the city had never been to this market. ”

Two years earlier, American diplomats have warned of the danger, continued our journalist: “Tuesday, Washington Post revealed that American diplomats had gone to this laboratory before the crisis and that they had made a report saying that the security conditions there were particularly bad. “

Arm wrestling

It is indeed the accidental track which is at this stage privileged by the American intelligence. But this also does not exculpate the Chinese Communist Party and government officials: “The fact remains that there is a question of transparency: what has been the role of the Chinese government? What did he know ? ” asked Jean-Bernard Cadier, who continued: “The laboratories in Wuhan were founded with Canadian, American and French funds. Which laboratories were funded by Westerners and what did the governments of these countries know? ”

Beside the Washington Post, media benevolent towards Donald Trump have engaged, in the forefront of which Fox News which assures that “sources” think that the global pandemic, which has already killed 140,000 people, has come out of the laboratory of Wuhan.

And while experts and populations, and probably leaders, are struggling in the midst of a swarm of uncertainties lifted by the scourge, the affair takes a very political, or rather geopolitical, turn. Our editorial writer specializing in international issues, Ulysse Gosset, said this Friday on our channel:

“There is a battle of world propaganda which is essentially played between the United States and China and besides it should be specified to be complete that the researcher of this laboratory which we speak, of this famous Franco-Chinese P4 laboratory categorically denied reports that there was an accident, a leak. ”

He added: “It turns to the geopolitical battle. It is true that on the side of Donald Trump, very criticized for his management of the crisis, there is a considerable stake.”

“Difficult Questions” for China

The stakes are no less considerable for the Chinese side. Thursday, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab,asked that after the cataclysm China should answer “difficult questions”. Even more balanced, Emmanuel Macron did not say anything else the same day in an interview granted to Financial times: “Obviously, things happened there that we are not aware of.”

Returning to this interview, the Elysee nevertheless made a point of clarifying a posteriori: “There is to date no factual element allowing to corroborate the information which recently circulated in the American press establishing a link between the origin of the Covid-19 and the work of the P4 laboratory of Wuhan in China.” The “Chateau” continues: “It will still be necessary to have transparent information on the origin of the virus. Scientific expertise must take place on an international level.”


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