“We are going to end the tournaments”


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Claudio Tapia confirmed that the tournaments that were in force will be terminated.

Decision confirmed. The Argentine soccer championships, which were in progress before the suspension due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, will be terminated. “We are going to end the tournaments,” said AFA President Claudio Tapia.

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In addition, he noted that one of the reasons on which they relied to have this measure was the need to have designated places for next year’s international competitions. “We still have to respect the current places in the Super League and Argentina Cup that when health allows us to return, they will settle in the tournament that we have to play and in the time that we can play,” he said in an interview. with TNT Sports.

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On the other hand, he ruled out the possibility of desk promotions. “I understand that they will be defined when the authorities at the national level authorize them. Promotions are defined by playing them on the court as it should be. Then we will define each specific category, “he stressed.

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In that sense, Chiqui explained that there will be no decreases in the current season, a situation that would increase the total number of teams in the top division. “The idea is to play the next two seasons with averages and maintain promotions,” he said.

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He also explained: “Broken clubs in Argentina is synonymous with Limited Companies and we cannot allow the social role that clubs have in our country to be lost.”

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Finally, he said that they will return to play when the authorities determine it. “We need the Argentine soccer industry to start working because we are going to live a world crisis, but before this, everyone’s life first,” he said. Consequently, he added: “The idea is to play again, but with maximum security, if we have to play in January, we will.”


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