“we are ready to resume production”


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The emblematic PSA site in Sochaux, closed since the start of containment, will come back to life. “We are ready to resume production,” announces Christophe Montavon, production director of the factory which notably manufactures the 308, the 3008 and the 5008.

A recovery allowed by the implementation of “a security protocol that includes more than 100 measures (…) to make the site as secure as possible”.

And to explain: “it starts with the wearing of the mask and the wearing of glasses (…) After there is a very simple rule that we are trying to put in place, it is to limit interactions for everyone as much as possible Concretely, we separated all the traffic flows within the factory and we materialized the famous distance of one meter (…) you should know that in the factory, we painted more than 10 kilometers of aisles with a separation every meter to constantly remind you of this rule of distancing. It also involves special preparation in the dining halls, in the meeting rooms, always to separate the operators and the people who are present in the rooms and of course we pay special attention to workstations. “

700 kilos of plexiglass

“We used more than 700 kilos plexiglass and plastic to separate, to insulate the workstations so that each employee takes less risk by coming to work than to go out on the street to go and buy a baguette “, specifies the person in charge.

What reassure unions initially very hostile to the resumption of work? “We co-built with our unions, we shared this protocol very early on, let’s say that confidence was gradually established. (…) They realized the enormous work that was done (. ..) and they saw that we were in a context within the factory which was completely safe “, underlines Christophe Montavon who nevertheless calls for caution and respect for the measures put in place.


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