we finally know how often they should be washed with shampoo, during a week

we finally know how often they should be washed with shampoo, during a week

How long can we leave our hair without washing it? One day ? One week ? Or more ? Here is the answer and it depends on different parameters.

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How often to wash your hair during the week.

At the time of confinement, a new practice is spreading: sebum cure. Or how some people take advantage of staying at home to stop washing their hair for a month. Behind this concept? The idea of ​​finding a beautiful hair thanks to the sebum that accumulates. An aberration for some experts who warn of health dangers since the transmission of coronavirus and its survival are still rather vague.

But how long can we really do without shampoo? Experts agree that it is better to reduce their frequency in order to preserve the hair. When some can be satisfied with one shampoo per week, others cannot last more than a day. An observation whose element of response is at the heart of the hair fiber. Naturally straight hair tends to get oily faster than curly hair indicates. Well and good, Kevin Mancuso, trichologist. Shirley Chi, dermatologist adds: “ If you go out and do not exercise to the point of sweating, straight and wavy hair should be washed two to three times a week “And to specify:” For people with very curly or afro hair, you can just shampoo once every seven to ten days. ”.

Other parameters to take into account

Thus, the hair nature determines the frequency of washing, as does the lifestyle, or the cosmetics used. Perspiration, dust, pollution… So many factors that do not allow you to bypass a shampoo. ” If you don’t wash them enough, you don’t get rid of the accumulated grime, which leads to an irritated scalp ” It’s all about balance and attention to our body, but also to how we wash our hair: ” Excessive washing will result in the production of sebum by your scalp, while a lack of washing will lead to an accumulation of fat Says Kevin Mancuso. The clue to know if they are properly washed? : ” If you notice that your hair is still dirty at the nape of the neck or at the back of your scalp, it is a sign that you are not washing it properly

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