We now carry these 5 relaxed parts in the home office

We now carry these 5 relaxed parts in the home office

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Casual and cool: cozy clothes that are also suitable for home office use

The temptation to sit on the laptop in pajamas is great in the home office. None of your colleagues see you, you don’t have to go outside, so your outfit doesn’t matter. Even if it sounds strange: your outfit affects your motivation and your mindset. The clothes you wear in bed stand for rest, relaxation and sleep. So if you stay in your pajamas or dressing gown, it will be difficult to find a productive work attitude. You certainly don’t have to throw yourself in a 3-piece suit, that would be totally exaggerated. We have picked out a few relaxed parts for you:

Cardigan instead of jacket

Putting on a jacket in your home office is a bit exaggerated and, above all, very uncomfortable. But there is an alternative that comes along relaxed and hangs in many wardrobes: the cardigan. The piece doesn’t necessarily have the reputation of being the ultimate trend piece, but it always comes across well dressed. The cardigan is the jacket for the home office: the deep V-neckline comes very close to the lapel of a jacket and you are on the safe style side at a video conference with your colleagues.

It’s time for light summer knits

The time for thick knitted sweaters is slowly over and it is time to wear light, relaxed summer knitted sweaters. Particularly popular this year are fine-knit sweaters with a button-down polo shirt, in Henley style. A sweater with a discreet button panel is suitable as a stylish piece, for example at video conferences when you can only see your torso. The collar sets a fashionable accent and still looks very casual and stylish.

Track jacket instead of hoodie

If you like to wear sporty streetwear, you probably have a hoodie or two in your closet. Hooded sweaters are popular when it comes to relaxed home wear. If you don’t want to do without sportswear in your home office, but still want some variety, try track jackets in the trendy 80s / 90s look. The zipper jackets are very cozy and testify to cool style. Is the part also suitable for video conference? Limited. If you are wearing a suit at your workplace, choose a cardigan to avoid too big a change in style.

An oversized shirt works wonders

The rule applies to outfits at home: as simple and puristic as possible. And: avoid striking patterns. Not so with shirts. The plain-colored dress shirt, which you normally wear under the jacket, is much too stiff at home and looks very formal with a Skype call. A subtle stripe or check pattern loosens up the look, and for a comfortable fit, it’s best to choose a shirt with a trendy oversized fit made of flannel or a cotton-linen blend. You can even combine such a shirt with sweatpants and look cool when you dash to the supermarket.

Jogpants are sweatpants for advanced users

Jogpants (a hybrid of sweatpants and dresspants) are the perfect pants that you should wear if you attend video conferences often and for a long time. Since you are normally only seen from the waist up during a cam broadcast, you can rock the spokesman look: chic above, boxer shorts below! Nobody sees it, you think. But there is a big but: You stand up thoughtlessly because you need to write something, want to refill your coffee or the DHL messenger rings at the door and you are in your embarrassing look in front of the assembled team . Jogpants with elastic and drawstring are the best solution in this case. They fit loosely like sweatpants and still have a stylish, chic look.

A deliberately chosen outfit for your home office day helps you to separate professional and private from each other. Only when you close the laptop are pajamas or a bathrobe announced again.


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