What do we take with us now?

What do we take with us now?

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Some preferred to calm down and pull the plug, while others needed action 24 hours a day. No matter what your own quarantine reality looked like or still looks like, we can all take something from this time with us – but for that we have to stop comparing ourselves

In retrospect, the past few weeks seem like a single lump of time. Weeks, days, mornings, noon, evenings – all a porridge. A lot has happened since Covid-19 reached us and somehow nothing. Outside, events roll over, inside quarantine, life seems to be running in slow motion. There is not much to tell on the phone anymore: “What are you doing ..?” “Yes … and you like that?” You crouch at home and try to kill time. Time that you have at once. The time that was otherwise always missing. We all do our best to deal with this. And what that looks like shouldn’t really matter. There is nothing right or wrong to get along. But between all the tips on how to learn to repot ten new languages, knitting and flowers, bread baking tutorials and Zoom drinking bouts, an expectation pressure – real “social pressure” – has built up. And this in a phase in which, for the first time in our lives, nobody expects anything from us, except to get along.

Stop looking right and left

Perhaps this is the first lesson we can take out of the lockdown at some point (whenever that may be for everyone): we are our own strictest judges. It is completely sausage whether you have exercised every day or fumbled on the sofa and watched all hundred seasons of “Vampire Diaries”. Our time belongs to us alone, which is why only we can give it labels. Destroying three chocolate muffins can be as productive as walking through the park if that’s what you need. Why are we comparing ourselves even more now than before the lockdown?

After all, not much has changed in the daily structures of most people. The yogis do yoga, the connoisseurs enjoy two to five glasses of wine in the evening, the chillers gamble and the fashion enthusiasts also wear real trousers in the home office. The problem is that we are now looking more closely and more often because we have more time and social media is our window to the people we cannot see. However, instead of constantly looking to the right and left and judging your own behavior and that of others, we should be much more with ourselves. We are okay the way we are, we all try our best. We are all just trying to cope. And that can look very different.

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Go within and be with yourself

Just relax! Don’t you think you could use your time better? The voices of a performance society that wants to educate us to perfection fight in us. But perfection can never be achieved and that is exactly what the capitalist value system is based on. We were taught from an early age that there was still room for improvement. We can still be a little bit better, a little more successful, a little tighter. Time has to be used. What we were not taught is that lying in bed and counting the knobs of the woodchip wallpaper can be actively used time. In addition, our values ​​have changed with the Corona crisis. Family, friends, security, health, that’s what matters now. Of course, the voices in our head cannot be muted overnight. But we can work to ignore them more often, to give them less importance. And we should keep trying after the quarantine.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve pushed a quiet ball over the past few weeks, or whether you’re in top form at the stove – it’s important to know what you can personally draw from that time. Maybe you have found that you don’t enjoy jogging and don’t want to waste two minutes of your life on it. Maybe you have rediscovered a forgotten passion and you are now a grand master of the puzzle, just like when you were six. You may have come a little closer to yourself and what is really important to you. Perhaps you have found a little peace and can take it with you into the time after the lockdown, knowing that there is nothing you can do about this world except your own actions. And maybe from day one everything is going to piss you off again. Then that’s okay.

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