What is “AlloCovid”, the number to call to find out about the coronavirus

What is

The AlloCovid number allows anyone over the age of 15 to be advised by a virtual assistant, depending on their symptoms. The data collected anonymously will identify possible foci of resurgence of the virus.

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What is “AlloCovid”, the number to call to find out about the coronavirus

“Hello, I’m your AlloCovid virtual assistant, do you think you have symptoms of Covid-19 and you want to know what behaviors to adopt?”. Researchers from Inserm and the University of Paris are launching a national issue on Monday, AlloCovid, to inform, diagnose and monitor the epidemic in real time. Anyone over the age of 15 can call 0 806 800 540 at the cost of a normal call, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, as many times as their condition requires.

Behind the handset, no human, but an intelligent virtual assistant. He questions his interlocutor about his symptoms thanks to a three-minute test. Once the diagnosis is complete, he can advise calling medical emergencies (the 15th), consulting a general practitioner, or staying home.

This device is made possible by voice recognition technology, used to understand the speech of the person, associated with artificial intelligence, in order to establish the diagnosis based on the responses to the questionnaire. In all, the robots can respond to 1,000 people simultaneously.

Identify outbreaks of resurgence

The system also makes it possible to establish real-time monitoring of the epidemic in France, including the DOM-COM. A solution to “support the release from confinement and immediately detect potential outbreaks of resurgence”, according to the press release cited by the AFP.

“The main interest is to be able to say live, in such a municipality, beware, there are cases that are increasing rapidly”, a entrusted to France Inter Xavier Jouven, cardiologist and epidemiologist at the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris.

During the test, the virtual assistant requests the postal code. “This location will allow us, especially during deconfinement, to identify centers of resurgence and immediately be able to resolve problems at the commune level to avoid having to reconfigure everyone. This can be a very effective weapon, “added the doctor.

AlloCovid will act in addition to existing systems such as maladiecoronavirus.fr, SOS Doctors, Sentinel network, to which all the data collected by AlloCovid will be communicated anonymously daily. The people who called cannot therefore be identified.

To ensure the protection of personal data, the project was monitored by data protection specialists. The analysis of the information collected will be carried out by Inserm and by a subsidiary of the SNCF, e.Voyageurs SNCF.

The government is currently working on an application, StopCovid, capable ofalert a user if he has encountered a patient Covid-19, thanks to Bluetooth technology. A debate is scheduled for the National Assembly on Tuesday April 28.


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