what time can we see the rain of shooting stars?

what time can we see the rain of shooting stars?

Like every year, during the month of April, the Lyrids cross the sky. How to observe this phenomenon from home? What time do you have to look up to see this rain of shooting stars? Answers.

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Until the end of April, you can admire the spectacle offered by the Lyrids. Késako? They are actually grains of dust from the hair of comet Tatcher that decay in the atmosphere. And if this phenomenon is visible once a year, it is because this is when our planet crosses the wake of said meteor.

Where to admire the Lyrids?

The best conditions to be able to observe this pretty ballet of stars and to stand in your garden. Ideal for escaping light pollution from big cities. But for the less fortunate of us, no need to break the confinement rules, since the Lyrids are also visible from their balcony or window. It is enough that the sky is sufficiently clear. In addition, the moon should not come to spoil the party by masking the stars with its brightness since it is currently invisible. And no need to arm yourself with specific equipment, only a blanket and your patient should do the trick.

At what time can we see the shooting stars?

In the coming days and from midnight, ten shooting stars should be observable approximately every hour. But if you want to put the odds on your side, know that the Lyrids seem less shy the hours before dawn. To know in which direction to look, you just have to examine the constellation of the Lyre. Do not panic, if you are not an astronomical trainer, free applications exist to help you find your way in the milky way. All you have to do is choose between staying up (very) late or setting your alarm clock earlier than usual. And don’t forget to make a wish!


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