What to eat after exercise to make it all worthwhile

What to eat after exercise to make it all worthwhile

Whether it is because you prepare to wear a garment that no longer fits you, for mental health or simply to have energy throughout the day, here are the best tips on what you should eat after exercising.

Physical activity is associated with a stronger heart health, lower levels of stress and mental health treatments such as self-esteem.

It may be that a doctor recommended that you exercise to lose weight or increase volume; In any case, the feeding after doing so will be different and specific.

Lose weight

Knowing what to eat after exercising when the intention is to lose weight and measures is very important, also the number of times you have to do it a day to maintain and regulate your metabolism.

Before you start your routine, it is important that you give the body some simple carbohydrates, the kind that contain fruits. This will cause the body to burn fat instead of muscle.

Ready! Did you finish your routine? so that food serves as fuel rather than as a source of energy that the body will not use, the lean protein is the best ally. Nutritionists recommend consuming within forty-five minutes after exercise to replace wear and tear.

If you train in the morning or at noon, make sure that breakfast and / or food have whole grains or vegetables with carbohydrates like beets. They will give you a feeling of satiety and will provide energy to carry out the normal activities of the day without causing extreme fatigue.

If it is at night and after your workout comes dinner, make something light like a cup of Greek yogurt with red berries. A smoothie with a protein powder supplement mixed in water or vegetable milk with half a banana is also a good idea.

Build muscle

Although it may seem strange, there are those who go to the gym to gain a little weight and increase muscle mass. Make sure to have a snack immediately after training that contains carbohydrates as well as protein. A good idea is a fist of dried fruit with dehydrated blueberries.

This combination helps restore lost muscle glycogen and rebuild muscle tissue. Another option is a bread with peanut butter with an apple on top, accompanied by 200 ml of milk, either cow or vegetable.

Another example is a wheat cookie with a little ham or turkey breast and on top a little lettuce and tomato; all this together with a cup of Greek yogurt with fruit.

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what to eat after exercising

To increase resistance

Depending on your diet, the professional you go to will surely tell you what to eat after exercising and more if after that your activities of the day continue.

You need to regain strength in the muscles and the most valuable currency is the glycogen found in these and comes from eating complex carbohydrates. Don’t go with the idea that eating a sugar-filled cake will do that because it doesn’t.

Complex carbohydrates can be found in foods like bread, pasta, beans, milk, dairy, fruit, and honey.

So to have enough stamina for the day there are quite a few options like a handful of almonds, natural cherries, fruit juice and even a few cubes of fresh cheese.

Increase energy

Complex carbohydrates will also be the best ally here. Combined with protein, its fiber takes longer to digest, giving a feeling of energy and also satiety.

What can you eat after exercising to conserve energy? A quick and easy idea is a whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey ham, tomato and even a bit of mayonnaise, accompanied by a pear, a cup of blackberries or a handful of strawberries.

Another option is a matcha latte accompanied by a banana. The mixture of both are not only complex carbohydrates, but also a large amount of antioxidants.

To maintain weight

Ready! You’ve already gained or lost the necessary weight to stay in a healthy range, and now? Basically it was time to balance calories and nutrients; that is, make balanced meals that are consistent with your daily caloric expenditure and lifestyle.

During hard training days, food after exercise should be a little denser; for example, a couple of eggs accompanied with hummus or beans plus a cup of vegetables and a cup of fruit.

On lighter days, a glass of chocolate, banana, strawberry, or your favorite fruit smoothie along with the milk you choose will suffice. Pretty easy right?

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