What your Venus constellation means for your zodiac sign – according to the horoscope

What your Venus constellation means for your zodiac sign - according to the horoscope

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Anyone who believes in astrology knows that our zodiac sign – also called the sun sign – influences our being. But other planets also affect us, such as Venus. To calculate the Venus position in the birth horoscope, you need the date of birth, the time of birth and the place where you were born. But what is the Venus position actually responsible for? We explain that in the horoscope.

Astrology: This is what the planet Venus stands for

Like the Roman goddess Venus, the planet of the same name also stands for all topics related to love and sensuality. It is an indication of our behavior in all types of relationships, whether friendly or in a partnership. All topics related to love, relationships, harmony and friendship are influenced by the planet Venus. And this is how the different Venus positions look in the horoscope of the individual zodiac signs:

Zodiac: What Venus means in your horoscope


The Venus influence is great: the Aries woman quickly falls in love to the ear, but it is more of a flash in the pan. It is not like that with relationship work. In other words, when the first arguments take place, it is not uncommon for them to look for distance or to stick their heads in the sand. If she doesn’t want to become a volatile relationship shopper, she should find a way to keep herself happy, even when the going gets tough.


Venus makes sure that the bull woman looks quite irresistible to her fellow human beings, regardless of whether she is just recovering from vacation or has three weeks of night shifts behind her. She is also looking for a long-lasting relationship that goes deep – a pretty ideal partner if you value sensuality and consistency in a double package.


The twin lady is a real flirting machine. After all, she sees the world as her playground and an inexhaustible variety of possibilities. However, it holds it like a butterfly and does not linger too long with the individual options. After all, she might miss something. This gives her a reputation for being superficial. Not entirely wrong.


She is a born romantic and particularly appreciates gestures and proofs of love. She doesn’t find a bath with rose petals kitschy, a candlelight dinner is part of her and you should have manners like etiquette when you go out with her. Conversely, she is sincere, doesn’t like games and stays loyal, even if there is a crisis.


The lioness likes to be heroic. Regardless of whether for friendships or love relationships: she is ready to fight and show how much she means to each other. It also means that she doesn’t throw in the towel at the first argument, but looks calmly and upright at how she can resolve a conflict. Only your pride shouldn’t be hurt, the lioness doesn’t forgive that.


On the outside, the virgin is pretty cool and independent, but in reality she resembles a cat who wants to be fed, petted and cared for – only when it suits her. If you respond to her needs, she is extremely loyal and reliable.


The scale does not have to stand in front of the mirror and exercise a seductive look, it looks seductive, no matter what it does. The fact that some hearts are at her feet particularly quickly because of this, however, makes her a little arrogant and detached, so that she sometimes makes serious admirers fidget longer than is necessary or helpful.


The scorpion lady is a scratching brush that is as quick-tempered as it is passionate. If you do not like conflicts, you will not be able to endure with her as a partner, because to her in love, friction is like a pinch of salt in food: indispensable. However, it is not resentful and as long as you consider yourself Sparring-Not denied partner, she swallows rough arguments as if they were just banter.


The shooter is more flirtatious than sensual and in a partnership books a paragliding course for two rather than an introduction to tantra massage. In addition, she is not particularly good at intuitively guessing the needs of others, but needs concrete announcements. If you know that, she shows herself to be a considerate partner who is absolutely loyal and reliable.


The Capricorn lady knows exactly what she wants and makes no secret of it. At the same time, she is patient like a duck mom and gives her loved ones all the freedom they need. This leads to permanent but not necessarily blazing passionate relationships.


Her perfectionism also goes over in love affairs with the Aquarius woman: Even if she has the most perfect fish on her fishing rod, she is unerringly searching for properties that could still be optimized. Not exactly helpful when it comes to great love, because it is known that it lives on the ability to compromise.


The fish lady often takes only a few breaths between exhilarating and saddened to death. It is highly emotional, very sensitive and therefore one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac – but with all the light and shadow sides. However, it will never get boring (with) you.


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