who are the French voices?

who are the French voices?

The continuation of the adventures of the endearing vampires of “Hotel Transylvania” is to be found this Sunday evening on TF1. But who are the French voices? Response with Non Stop People.

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Hôtel Transylvanie 2: who are the French voices?

The second installment of “Hôtel Transylvanie” is broadcast Sunday evening on TF1. The cast remains almost the same except for one change, but of size. In the US version – the original – it’s Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James and Steve Buscemi who double the endearing vampires and monsters in this cartoon. What about the French version? Dracula – the main character – was voiced in the first installment by Serge Faliu (the official voice of Adam Sandler). In this second part, it’s Kad Merad who plays Dracula. The actor doubles a big-hearted vampire, who takes very seriously his role of grandfather. For the rest of the cast, we find Virginie Efira in Mavis, Alex Goude in Jonathan, Xavier Fafgnon in Frank, Frankenstein’s monster, Guillaume Lebon in Griffin, the invisible man and Michel Galabru in Vlad. “Hotel Transylvania 2” is one of Michel Galabru’s latest films. The actor died on January 4, 2016 (the film was released in 2015).

One of Michel Galabru’s last films

Kad Merad, Virginie Efira and Alex Goude are no strangers to dubbing. Kad Merad also lent his voice to Truc, the momentum in “Frères des ours” (2003), Adélie le penguin in “Happy Feet” (2006) or even “Megamind” in the film of the same name in 2010. The Belgian actress has dubbed cartoon characters in “Robots” (2005), “Max & Co” or “Le Chat Potté”. As for Alex Goude, the host dubbed a television presenter in “Giant Dumpling Storm” and lent his voice to the animated series “Lanfeust Quest”.


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