WHO calls on the EU not to lift restrictions “too soon”

WHO calls on the EU not to lift restrictions

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As some European nations begin to see their Covid-19 outbreaks decrease, the World Health Organization for Europe has asked its Member States “not to lift too soon the restrictions” that isolate public life, to maintain even more time controlling the spread of coronavirus.

“As of today, Europe is still very much at the center of the pandemic, and on the one hand we have reason to be optimistic and on the other to be very concerned,” said WHO regional director for Europe Hans Kluge in a press conference, warning that seven of the ten most affected countries worldwide are in the Europe region.

Kluge mentioned Spain, Italy and Germany for their slow transmission rates, while “some progress is being made” in Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Therefore, and following WHO recommendations, Europe is asked not to relax restrictions on coronavirus too quickly.

“There is a long way to go in this marathon,” he said, while reiterating that it was not the time to begin to relax the harsh restrictions of social distancing that have helped stop the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, he has expressed his concern about the increasing number of cases in countries such as Turkey, Israel, Sweden, Finland and Ukraine, among others.



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