who can they serve during quarantine

who can they serve during quarantine

  • During the quarantine the hairdressers are closed, and it is still not certain that they will be able to open their doors at a close date.
  • Cutting or coloring your hair at home has become the simplest option for all those who need these services.
  • But if you need help you should know that hairdressers are allowed to work at home, although not in all cases.
  • Listed below is who and in what situations you can call a hairdresser to assist you at home.
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Hairdressers remain closed during quarantine. It is one of the many establishments that are not considered essential, unlike supermarkets or pharmacies, and therefore cannot offer their services as they have been doing until now.

Since then, many have chosen to cut their hair themselves, or have a family member help them do it. Some hairdressers are offering advice so you can do it alone.

Initially, by decreeing the state of alarm, the hairdressers were allowed to be open,but the Government rectified to only allow home movements.

Although the hairdressing professionals work at home, the truth is that only certain exceptions are collected for basic work.

Vulnerable persons can use the home delivery service of hairdressing salons: elderly, people with disabilities or reduced mobility or dependents. Also, only basic hygiene care is allowed, such as washing and cutting hair, no dyeing or styling.

The hairdressers have asked the authorities to provide them with protective equipment to be able to carry out these works. Not only to avoid falling infected, but to take care of the clients, who mostly belong to risk groups.

The safety distance is impossible to maintain in this work, because the sector requests equipment for masks, disposable gloves and a screen or protective glasses.

The Alliance of Hairdressing Entrepreneurs of Spain has also asked the Ministry of Health that home work be coordinated with the social and dependency services of the autonomous communities, in order to establish which people need this type of care.

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Apr 16, 2020, 7:39 PM.


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