why he almost plays his quinquennium when he next speaks

why he almost plays his quinquennium when he next speaks

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Emmanuel Macron: why he almost plays his quinquennium when he next speaks

Even if he thinks about the future and is already thinking about deconfinement, Emmanuel Macron should announce an extension of the confinement on Monday April 13 during his fourth intervention since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. A decisive meeting in which the end of his five-year term could well play out.

His speech had been prematurely announced for this Thursday, April 9. It will take four more days to learn more about the country’s future, in the midst of a coronavirus crisis. Emmanuel Macron will speak on Monday, April 13, shortly after 8 p.m. to give his roadmap to the French. If the president takes the time, it is not a question of missing this meeting. This fourth speech since the start of the coronavirus epidemic which killed more than 10,000 people in France is presented as “Very important” by the Élysee which promises “Concrete, clarifications and perspective”according to Paris Match.

Another promise made: put “Heading for post confinement”. “It is a question of projecting yourself as far as possible while being concrete without losing the achievement of this acceptance of containment speak French “, explains to the magazine’s website an adviser to the president. Before describing ” the day after “, the head of state should congratulate the French who continued to work, especially the carers and “Shadow workers”, but also those, numerous, who respected confinement without flinching.

“The number of tickets issued by the police is reasonable and there have been no anti-containment riots, including in the neighborhoods”, we rejoice at the Élysee. Be careful, however, not to declare victory too early. “We mustn’t miss the exit”, warns a worried adviser. In addition to announcing a possible extension of confinement and evoking deconfinement, Emmanuel Macron should speak on the question of wearing a mask, but also on the “tracking” with which he would not be “Not very comfortable” and the possible implementation of an application that could follow the population. He is going to be the war chief against the coronavirus. The unveiling of a manual that could prove decisive for the end of his mandate.

“The rest of the quinquennium is de facto suspended to this success or not of the deconfinement. The head of state knows that he will have to find ways and means to relegitimate himself ”, says the political editor of Paris Match Bruno Jeudy. In addition to this much awaited speech, what strategy should be adopted after this confined period in which it rose in the polls? “Should it dissolve? Or even put its mandate back into play? His friends advise him against it. A major overhaul against the backdrop of a national union is said to be preferable ”, do we explain in Paris Match while the president has already launched launched the hashtag “United France” on social media. It remains to be seen if it will be until 2022 …


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