Why you should dress to work even if you are at home

Why you should dress to work even if you are at home

Dress up or stay in pajamas? That’s the most important question of the day when you know you’re going to be spending the whole day working from home and no one is going to notice that you’re wearing the same pants from last week (unless you’re asked to show your full look at the meeting. zoom), and although the answer seems obvious (stay in your pajamas), experts say you should make an effort and wear “out” clothes (that is, not holes-filled pajamas, pants or t-shirts) before starting your day. .

We are all more aware than ever of the importance of having good hygiene, washing our hands, not touching our faces, etc …, and taking care of our mental and physical health, but sometimes we forget that, in that sense, everything what we do or don’t do can affect us, and that mental health is as important as being physically well, especially if you face the possibility of spending whole weeks locked up at home without the escape that the outside world gave you, the noise and the coexistence with people who are not of your family.

In difficult times, the National Alliance on Mental Illness He says that, to take care of your mental health in difficult times, it is important that the routine you follow to prepare yourself in the morning to leave the house is kept as similar as possible, that means washing your face, going to the shower time?) and dress in clothes that you would normally wear to leave the house (which does not mean a suit and tie, but if you wear something other than pajamas, or at least combine it to make it not look like one).

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Uncertainty about what will happen in the future is not generating anxiety (and sleep problems or weird dreams), and much of the frustration, stress and anxiety that everyone feels comes from the fact that their routines are no longer the same, especially, they no longer have that time to leave home, go to work, finish earrings and disconnect from a once they get out of there, which also makes you feel like you never totally disconnect.

Getting up at the same time, dressing and grooming makes your brain prepare for a productive day, the psychologist at Baptist Behavioral Health, De’Von Patterson, to Huffington Post.

“There is something called stimulus control where their behaviors are determined by a certain set of cues, “Patterson said.” Some people will find it easier to be productive if they recreate the cues associated with their productivity. If they dress up, that puts them in the mindset of working or study “.

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Dressing appropriately for each part of your day (to sleep, work or train) helps break the monotony of being at home all day, so you can have schedules and disconnect and focus on what you have to do. You can’t really disconnect from work if you work from your bed in your pajamas, that, in your mind, becomes work clothes and won’t let you relax.

You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but it is important that you change your clothes and wear something that helps tell your brain that you are ready to workAny clothing that is different from what you wear in your free time or sleeping is enough, this tells your mind that you are going to start something different and prevents you from feeling that you are caught in a cycle that never ends.

Do small things by yourself (like shaving your beard, putting on a mask, or wearing your favorite shirt) it’s good for your mental health, This has a positive impact on the rest of your day and, in the end, you feel that liberation that you felt when you returned from work and took off your shoes and tie before sitting down to enjoy your favorite series. This helps reduce the risk of falling into depression or being in a bad mood all day, experts say.


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