With her transparent mask, she wants to make life easier for deaf and hard of hearing people.

With her transparent mask, she wants to make life easier for deaf and hard of hearing people.

A young Toulousaine, victim of deafness, launched crowdfunding to develop an “inclusive mask” that will allow reading on the lips

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This mask allows deaf and hard of hearing people to read the lips of the wearer.

The 30-year-old Toulousaine woman had this idea in mind “for two or three weeks”, when the coronavirus epidemic raged. Anissa wants to develop an “inclusive mask”, with a transparent part so that she can see the mouth of the person wearing it. And so, allow lip reading for the deaf and hard of hearing.

“I suffer from bilateral bilateral deafness after having suffered from repeated ear infections when I was little,” said the young woman. I have been wearing hearing aid since the age of six. When a person is far enough from me, it’s not obvious, I have to really listen. My gaze rests on his lips. “

The click at the pharmacy

A visit to the pharmacy at the beginning of the month finished convincing her of the relevance of her initiative. Difficult for her to dialogue with the masked employees in a classic way while respecting the safety distances, despite the goodwill of each other. “I was a little stunned by this experience. And since I think that masks will be part of our life for a long time… ”

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Creator of leather goods on her own, Anissa has already made a model. “It exists in the United States. I was inspired by the Afnor site [l’organisation officielle en charge des normes en France]. I used cotton and acetate for the transparent part. ”

“It’s a prototype to work on,” said the resident of the Purpan district. I would like it to be up to standard, call on a mask manufacturing company and then start production. ”

The Toulousaine opted for crowdfunding to help her in her business, on the GoFundMe site. His initiative is not only aimed at the deaf and hard of hearing but at the whole population, since his “inclusive mask” “allows to see a smile, a reassuring and benevolent face expression”. Not luxury in normal times, let alone today.


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