With Take Hair C-19, hairdressers are mobilizing to style caregivers

With Take Hair C-19, hairdressers are mobilizing to style caregivers

Sunday, on Europe 1, the star hairdresser John Nollet called his colleagues to participate in a new initiative: the Take Hair C-19 project. Volunteer hairdressers are invited to style free care for caregivers who wish, after the confinement has ended.

Invited Sunday on Europe 1, the hairdresser of stars John Nollet presented an initiative bringing together hairdressers and caregivers. The project, called Take Hair C-19 and launched by the Maison John Nollet, allows caregivers to have their hair styled free of charge by committed hairdressers, as soon as confinement ends.

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It is a question, according to John Nollet, of paying homage to the “work and devotion that the nursing staff offered to the sick and to France”, during the pandemic of Covid-19. An initiative that also wants to be accessible. The goal is to “bring together our entire profession, all hairdressers in France, large and small brands, hairdressers in studios and at home,” says John Nollet.

Registrations are open on the website https://takehair-c19.com/. John Nollet describes how the project works. “The hairdressers can register as soon as they wish on the platform. They just have to enter their contact details. The caregivers can also go to this platform and enter the same information. The site will quickly give you the hairdressers around of you who played the game, “he explains.

“We have missed our customers very much”

Hairdressers should be able to reopen their salons on May 11. A moment awaited for John Nollet, who, in the name of his profession, shows his need to return to work. “If we have missed the French, we have missed our customers a lot. It’s been a little too long since we have not had the pleasure of practicing our profession,” he said.



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