With these 6 tricks you will look even better without makeup!

With these 6 tricks you will look even better without makeup!

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Without make up

Looking even better without makeup than we already do? With these tricks you emphasize your beauty even more …Foundation here, mascara there and finally a radiant finish thanks to the highlighter – no wonder that our skin sometimes has to recover from all the products. And anyway, it doesn’t always have to be that much makeup, because when we learn to accept our natural beauty, it’s not just our skin that thanks! Since there are usually a few small things that bother us here and there, we will now tell you how you can easily make yourself look even more beautiful without make-up.

The 6 best tips for the no-make-up look

Now the beauty doc comes to mind? Wrong thought! After all, we just want to emphasize our own beauty a little more. So that the motto No Make-up, No Worries really works, you can use these little tricks:

1. The right facial care

… is the be-all and end-all! For a beautiful, well-groomed skin you should always clean your face thoroughly, apply a peeling regularly and ensure sufficient moisture!

2. Use a serum

Serums optimally support your facial care – they refine the complexion, cushion and smooth. They can also serve as an additional moisture booster. Who needs a foundation there?

3. Cold water and fresh air

…promotes blood circulation! So just walk more and that in the morning Face with cold water wash and your complexion is rosy like never before!

4. Drink water

Yes, it can be that easy to look good! We often underestimate that both body and mind want to be adequately hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water (at least! 1.5 liters a day), this leads to the fact that your skin looks pale and you get unattractive dark circles.

5. Dental care

Whether talking or laughing, Teeth immediately catch your eye and if they are not beautiful, no dreamy look will help. So always make sure to take good care of your teeth. That means regular visits to the dentist, teeth cleaning and please also the Dental floss do not forget! If you want it to get a little lighter, you can also try bleaching.

6. Color eyelashes and eyebrows

Most people who put on make-up would probably do without powder and other make-up rather than wash their eyelashes and draw their eyebrows. So why not just dye right away? You can try it yourself at home or just go to a professional at the Benefit Brow Bars or the Twinkle Brow Bar. In any case, it frames your face and gives you a certain something. You can find out what other great alternatives you have in this article:

Even more beauty tips!


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