10 facts about the “Elite” star

10 facts about the “Elite” star

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Arón Piper: 10 facts about the “Elite” star

Arón Piper plays the character “Ander” in the hit series “Elite”. But what else do you need to know about the actor? Find out 10 exciting facts here!

Arón Piper’s birthday

actor Arón Piper was born on March 29, 1997 in Berlin. Yes, the 23 year old “Elite”-The main actor is actually German!

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Arón Piper’s zodiac sign

Since Arón was born in late March, his zodiac sign is Aries. It is one of the most exciting zodiac signs out there! With a ram man it never gets boring. He is very determined and exudes a sexy self-confidence! 🤤

Arón Piper’s nationality

As you learned earlier, is Arón Piper German. But not 100%. He got the German from his father. However, his mother is Spanish. Therefore Arón is half German, half Spanish. What a cool mix! 🇩🇪 🇪🇸

Where does Arón Piper live?

The “elite“Actor was born in Berlin, but has lived in Madrid, Spain since the age of five, where he successfully completed his acting studies.

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Arón Piper’s Instagram profile

Is on Instagram Arón Piper very active. He is happy to show his 11.9 million subscribers (as of April 5, 2020) a few snapshots of himself or his friends. The 23-year-old also has a few things in his private life.

Arón Piper loves luxury!

What Arón Piper luxury photos are always very popular. He loves fast cars, unusual fashion and likes to treat himself to beautiful jewelry. ⌚️

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Arón Pipers sexuality & relationship status

What has been a bit of a secret so far is the sexuality of Arón Piper. In the Netflix series “Elite” he is with his male acting colleague Omar Ayuso together and therefore gay. But what his sexuality and relationship status is in real life is unknown.

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Arón Piper is a smoker!

He is very open to the fact that he is a smoker. Even if you know today how unhealthy and harmful smoking is, it says so Arón to his vice.

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Arón Piper’s acting career

Told in an interview Arónthat he got his first acting role at the age of 11. It was he who told his father at the time that he absolutely wanted to be an actor professionally.

Arón Piper’s Fortune

With his acting Arón already earned a nice sum. According to estimates, the actor is said to be with three seasons “Elite” a fortune of 1 million euros have collected. 💸 However, only Arón knows how much he has in total. 🤑

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