12 pilots denounced for carrying out 35 illegal drone flights in Barcelona

12 pilots denounced for carrying out 35 illegal drone flights in Barcelona

The Civil Guard denounces 12 pilots for 35 illegal drone flights in Barcelona

The Civil Guard has denounced 12 pilots for 35 illegal drone flights in Barcelona during the period of validity of the state of alarm, including a Frenchman who has made 52 unauthorized flights since before the pandemic until now.

The Civil Guard reports this Saturday in a statement that the complaints have been processed by the Pegaso team of the institute, created in December 2019 and operational since February of this year with headquarters at the Josep Tarradellas-El Prat airport.

Control, detect and inhibit flights

This group, specifies the Civil Guard, is in charge of control, detect and, if appropriate, inhibit flights called RPAS, which stands for remotely piloted aircraft, popularly known as drones.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Civil Guard detected 12 pilots with unauthorized flights, for which they were denounced by breach of aviation safety regulations and also against the Citizen Security Law, when carried out in time zones and outdoor spaces in which mobility was restricted.

A French citizen made 52 unauthorized flights

Among those pilots is a French citizen, a professional drone operator and a resident of Barcelona, ​​who made 52 flights without authorization from the public entity Enaire. It is charged with the breach of the prohibition to fly over crowds of people before the state of alarm was decreed, also buildings, and lacking identification plates of both the ship and the pilot station, as well as breaching the obligation to coordinate with the control tower of Barcelona airport and the various heliports in the city.

The infractions detected by the Pegaso team of the Civil Guard have been reported to the State Aviation Safety Agency and to the Territorial Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat.

Infrastructure control

This group of the Civil Guard is entrusted with the control of infrastructures and fiscal control of the aerodromes of Barcelona, ​​in addition to the detection and, where appropriate, inhibition of drone flights in the area of ​​air traffic control in Barcelona, as well as the supervision of heliports and the investigation of possible crimes or infractions committed with remote manned aircraft.

This team has a detector capable of locating and identifying a drone in flight and equipped with an inhibitor that can override the camera or allow officers to take control of the aircraft in case of risk.


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