20% of metal firms are still inactive and 60% are less than half

20% of metal firms are still inactive and 60% are less than half

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Employers Femeval puts at 41% the companies that have used ERTE and 25% those that use telework based on a survey of 346 of its associates.

The largest Valencian sector employers by number of associated companies, Femeval metal, figures at 20% the companies in the sector that last week were still without any activity and at 60% those that the drop in activity has been greater than fifty%. Some data that the employers have obtained from a survey answered by 346 companies last Thursday.

Although the percentage of companies that remained closed was much lower than the previous survey, 16.3%, especially retail, that does not mean that the activity is normal.

The survey also shows that 41% of companies have resorted to temporary employment regulation files, the most common measure in the face of the crisis. In the previous survey, at the end of March, that percentage was 37%.

Teleworking has spread to 25% of metal companies, also four points more than the levels registered in March.

All in all, the resource that has risen the most in the last month is that of access to financing lines backed by the State through the ICO. 23% of companies have requested and received this injection, compared to 10% in March, although there are also 11% of companies that claim to have impediments to processing. The measure that is most demanded is an exemption or tax moratorium, something that almost seven out of ten companies claim.

Protection equipment

Precisely on the protective equipment to carry out their activity, although an improvement is observed, 64% of companies say that there is still a shortage and difficulty in buying them



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