3 hairstyles borrowed from Katy Perry

3 hairstyles borrowed from Katy Perry

A few weeks ago, Katy Perry unveiled her baby bump when the clip for her new album was released. Usually dressed in extravagant outfits and hairstyles, the interpreter of Daisies has decided to announce this joyful news to us in a beautiful white dress. Since then, the mother-to-be with original looks continues to display her pretty belly on social networks. Beyond the announcement of this good news, Katy Perry is known to be a real hair chameleon. This is why the Lucette team, your online beauty advisers, examined the hairstyles of the American singer. Very long, very short, in between, platinum blonde or pink, she has tried everything! We present you three hairstyles borrowed from the talented Katy Perry!

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Hair: 3 hairstyles borrowed from Katy Perry

Long hair bohemian spirit

Do you dream of beautiful, long wavy and voluminous hair like the pretty Katy Perry? This bohemian hairstyle will be perfect to accompany this long floral dress that you just spotted for your vacation in the south of France. To achieve the perfect wavy, take your straightener and make pretty curls 5 cm from your roots. For a successful bohemian effect, stretch the curls with your fingers (we don’t want to look like Marie-Antoinette…). You just have to add some volume to look like Katy Perry! The secret is to use a dry shampoo! The Batiste Wildflower Dry Shampoo is perfect to enhance this bohemian hairstyle. Spray 30 cm from the roots and over the lengths for instant volume! This dry shampoo brings a fresh touch to your hairstyle, what more could you ask for?

The high ponytail

Nothing like a high ponytail to face a long day of shopping with girlfriends. This is THE hairstyle that does not move all day. However, it takes a few precious minutes of your time. So, if you are not early in the morning, set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier to make a ponytail as perfect as that of Katy Perry! For a flawless result, no small rebellious wicks are tolerated. TheBumble and Bumble Multi-Benefit Oil is ideal since it tames frizz! Her little extra? It instantly makes hair shinier!

Short boyish hair

Do you also want a hair change? Katy Perry has opted several times in her life for a boyish cut! Among other things, this cut has the big advantage of saving you a few minutes in your bathroom. Short hair is much faster to maintain. On the other hand, this is not a reason for not styling them anymore (you don’t want to look like getting out of bed)! The secret to sculpting and short hair: 100% natural styling wax from Rahua . It is perfect for providing hold to short hair in an instant. In addition, it is composed of carnauba, a natural holding agent which is eliminated in a single gesture.!

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