3 products to tame your rebellious hair

3 products to tame your rebellious hair

There are days like this when nothing goes well: the alarm clock does not ring (no no, no other explanation possible), it is raining outside or you just had a very bad night. In short, you will understand that it is not always joy when you wake up. Among this inglorious record, hair problems also arrive in a very good position and can really ruin our day. When our hair does as it pleases (it is the case to say it!), It’s really a pain … The Lucette team, your online beauty advisers, presents three essential products to tame your rebellious hair and that, depending on the nature of your hair.

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Hair: 3 products to tame your rebellious hair

Stop oily hair and lack of volume

Did you shampoo yesterday but your roots seem to say the opposite? They are flat and no longer look great despite your brushing difficult to achieve a few hours ago? These are everyday problems that we know only too well. To overcome it, we always have in our bathroom a bottle of dry shampoo. It’s the ultimate weapon we use to say STOP to wayward hair. The Batiste Wildflower is a safe bet: its light and invisible texture based on rice starch immediately absorbs the sebum present, which also restores maximum volume. Spray it about 30 centimeters from your roots then rub them gently and voila. Its fragrance, which combines notes of watermelons, apple and hibiscus and lotus flowers, is also to die for. We can not do without !

Revive your curls

For those with naturally curly hair, the challenge is to keep the curls soft and plump. Unfortunately, this is not the case every day and it may be dull and “broken”. The solution to boost your curls without making tons of them? Use the Devacurl Wave Maker Whipped Cream. This brand specializes in the treatment of rebellious curly hair! We love their products which have saved us more than once. Here, the light and creamy skincare cream is used after your shampoo, on damp or wet hair. Enriched with Moringa seed and fatty acid, it revives your curls, which are immediately more hydrated and defined. Enough to say goodbye to pouting curls!

Discipline frizz

We don’t know about you, but as soon as there is a little humidity, our hair goes crazy and creates frizz that is anything but graceful. We quickly find ourselves with small hair that comes out of nowhere or with lengths that wave in a way still not identified until now. Fortunately, we have found the solution to no longer be bothered! The Hydrate-me Smoothing Hydrating Mask by Kevin Murphy is our new weapon to discipline these famous frizz. It contains a great cocktail of ingredients: antioxidants rich in fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter or Kakadu plum. These bring hydration, softness, suppleness, shine to our hair, but above all, they help straighten our hair. We have never thanked a hair care mask so much!

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