5 rules for eating ice cream

5 rules for eating ice cream

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Going out for an ice cream – many keep a bit of normalcy in Corona times. But there are also rules that you should follow.

A walk in the sun with an ice cream on hand – moments like this are what many people currently have a brief feeling of normality procure. The corona crisis has turned our everyday lives upside down. A lot changes, but one thing remains, becomes a bright spot and refuge: the ice cream parlor on the corner. But even this cooling down for the mind and palate harbors pitfalls.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a couple recently had to pay a hefty € 400 fine – because there were some corona– Rules when eating ice cream accidentally ignored. In the meantime, the numerous regulations on the corona crisis have caused uncertainty in many people, they do not know whether they are doing something right or wrong, the requirements in the federal states are different, as is the daily relaxation. You quickly lose track of things. We give you an overview of which mistakes you should avoid while eating ice cream in the corona crisis so that the ball does not become expensive fun.

5 Corona rules while eating ice cream

keep distance

Also in line for ice cream parlor the general hygiene measures apply. In other words, you should keep a distance of at least one and a half meters from other customers and staff. Many ice cream parlors only allow one customer to enter at a time or have floor markings – stick to them.

Wear mask – yes or no?

In most federal states, the mask requirement only applies to retail and local transport. You don’t have to wear a mask at an ice cream parlor with outside access – but it would be recommended. After all, the rush is often large and small droplets can also be transferred when standing in line or ordering. Outside, the mask can of course be taken off again – and the ice cream can be enjoyed carefree.

Where can I eat my ice cream?

The described fine arrangement in NRW was the result of an incorrect choice of place. The couple had sat on a bench near the ice cream parlor to eat the ice cream. Too close. Because ice cream parlors are allowed to open and sell out of the house, in most federal states a distance of at least 50 meters from the ice cream parlor must be kept for consumption! However, according to the RTL, many federal states are more accommodating – Lower Saxony, for example, points out that ice that is saved on the way back from dripping can of course be licked off. However, you should only linger under ice the applicable contact restrictions and with enough distance to the shop.

Don’t lick ice

The ice is dripping, the tongue is already stretched out – stop! You should currently refrain from licking melted ice on your hands or on the mug. This is not an official rule, but also a recommendation. Finally, the mug is also touched by the staff and even your hands should not go to the face, especially when unwashed.

Mug or waffle?

In any case, many ice cream parlors only sell their ice cream from cups for the corona crisis. These are the more hygienic way. Waffles are usually open in the room, and you can touch them with your hands while you eat and use them to transmit pathogens. At worst, the waffle becomes a spinner. In the cup we are on the safer side – and the ice cream tastes just as good!

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