A man arrested for murdering his father last night in Villalba (Madrid)

A second Civil Guard dies at 38 years of age due to the coronavirus

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Civil Guard

The Civil Guard has arrested a 43-year-old citizen of Argentine origin for allegedly stabbing to death his 83-year-old father in a Collado Villalba, has reported the Madrid Command and Emergencies 112.

The event took place on Fonda street in the town, when this afternoon the agents of the Villalba Post have called the Fire Department Community So they opened the door of that home, where they found a large and dangerous breed dog.

After taking it out, they discovered the corpse of a man with different stab wounds, a spokesperson for Emergencies Community of Madrid 112.

Next, toilets from SUMMA They have confirmed his death for several hours. After the arrival of the judge, the body was removed. The deceased’s son has been arrested as the perpetrator of the crime, although the motives are unknown at the moment. According to police sources, it was he who notified the authorities this morning of what happened last night in that house.


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