“A role opposite me”


This Saturday May 30 at 9:05 pm on France 3, Isabelle Vitari plays a policeman in “Les Mystères des majorettes”.

Télépro met the actress for a video interview to discover below. “I play a completely unfriendly character, she doesn’t care whether she likes it or not, she doesn’t understand humans but a very good cop. I’m lucky that I was given this character.”

Why did you accept this role?

“What is enriching is to play things that are opposite to me. It is to seek other parts of his character, it is exciting to work.”

Precisely, how do we work with this kind of character?

“I see my character as unsocial. At each scene, I told myself that I should only take one piece of information. It was as if I was doing coding, very basic, I didn’t wonder if the character ‘opposite was sad. ”

“Our dear neighbors”, “Everyone has their say”, their projects etc …

Find the rest of the interview below:


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