A second cat in France tested positive for coronavirus

A second cat in France tested positive for coronavirus

© Lionel Gougelot / Europe 1
This animal was most likely infected by its owners, living in Bordeaux and strongly suspected of having caught the Covid-19. It is the second cat in France to be diagnosed. Only a few cases have been reported worldwide.

A second cat tested positive at coronavirus in France after having probably been infected by its owners, announced Tuesday the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT) in a press release. “This is the second case reported in France of a natural infection of a cat, after a first case identified near Paris on May 2. Less than a dozen cases have been described worldwide to date “, according to the press release.

This “new cat infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been identified in Bordeaux” by the ENVT. “As in previously identified cases around the world, the cat lived with people who were highly suspected of having contracted Covid-19,” said the ENVT. The animal “suffered from respiratory disorders and was examined several times by a veterinary practitioner”, explains the ENVT, according to which “the cough persisted despite the anti-infective and anti-inflammatory treatment”.

“The search for virus was positive from a nasopharyngeal sample (…) then confirmed by a second test”, details the veterinary school, while “the rectal swabs of this animal were tested negative “. Other analyzes are underway to characterize the virus.


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A risk for humans?

“Cats, the statement said, are not considered to be actors in the human pandemic. Cat infection has always been described in the wake and as the consequence of human infection. In particular, there is nothing to suspect that the cat represents a risk of contamination for the Man “.

“For the record, in its opinion dated April 20”, the health agency Anses “concluded that in the light of available scientific knowledge, there was no evidence that pets and farm animals play an epidemiological role in the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, “the statement continued. “This second case described in France of cat infection does not change this scientific analysis,” concludes the ENVT.


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