A ship loses its cargo, thousands of masks run aground on the beaches

A ship loses its cargo, thousands of masks run aground on the beaches

Since this incident, protective masks and plastic boxes have run aground on the beaches of Australia’s east coast

© Steve Bisgrove / REX / SIPA
Masks litter Australian beaches.

This Sunday, an APL England liner sailing in rough seas lost 40 containers in which protective masks and plastic boxes were stored. Since then, all this equipment has been stranded on the beaches of the east coast of Australia, reports The Guardian quoted by our colleagues from BFMTV. The ship was en route between China and Melbourne when it lost its cargo.

“This debris fits well with the cargo that was listed on the vessel,” said Allan Schwartz, director general of operations for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). Faced with this situation, residents of coastal cities have decided to mobilize to remove this plastic from the beaches. “The entire left side of the beach was covered with medical equipment, masks and plastic bags. So I took on gloves and together with two other people, we filled trash bags with this waste, “one of them told British media.

Three containers still threaten to fall

For the maritime authorities, the priority is now to bring the ship back to the port of Brisbane. “Six containers are also at risk of falling to starboard and three more to port,” AMSA said. It also specifies that 74 containers were also damaged by falling on the deck of the boat.

Once this incident is resolved, an investigation will be launched to try to understand whether all of the security measures had been followed on the liner.

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