A third of the masks purchased in China for toilets do not meet the requirements

A third of the masks purchased in China for toilets do not meet the requirements

  • Healthcare personnel in Spain, which represents 20% of COVID-19 cases, have been using masks that allow up to 20% of the particles exhaled by a person.
  • Only half of the masks purchased from China without CE marking for toilets were recommended for use with personal protective equipment.
  • A third of them did not meet the requirements established by the regulations, according to an investigation by the Ministry of Labor consulted by The country.
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The health personnel in Spain, which represents the twenty% of the COVID-19 cases in the country, has been using masks not recommended for use with personal protective equipment (PPE).

32% of the masks, that is, 1 in 3, purchased in China, without CE marking (European Conformity) and intended for health personnel, do not meet the efficiency requirements, according to a study carried out by the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST) consulted by The country.

AND only half of these were recommended to accompany PPE equipment for professionals such as FFP2 or FFP3.

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As evidenced by the data consulted, the 28% of the analyzed masks allow up to 20% of the particles to pass that a person exhales —main route of transmission of the new coronavirus.

In addition, they recorded a internal filtration efficiency to FFP1 standard, which filters 78% of the particles. While FFP2 has a minimum filtration of 92% and FFP3 of 98%.

Results that coincide with the previous analysis of the INSST on the masks distributed in the Community of Madrid, and with another international case: the return of 600,000 of the same type from the Netherlands to China, Previously published by Business Insider Spain.

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In Madrid, the Institute contradicted the statements of the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who assured that the masks distributed to the population were FFP2 and their filtration efficiency was 94%. But the investigation came to identify that some of these allowed a filtration of up to 40% of exhaled particles.

In Holland, The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), analyzed a batch of 600,000 of this same face masks from China.

The lot was returned and a member of the managers of one of the hospitals that were served with them recognized on the public television channel Noos: “When they were delivered to our hospital, I immediately rejected those masks“—Before they were analyzed by the authorities.

A news that came at the same time that the Government of Spain acknowledged having purchased a batch of rapid tests for the detection of coronavirus with a sensitivity of 30% —Well below the 80% expected in said tests.


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