A traveler tests positive on a plane to Lanzarote while flying to the island

A traveler tests positive on a plane to Lanzarote while flying to the island

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A passenger on a flight from Madrid to Lanzarote has been subjected to isolation upon arrival to the César Manrique airport, after having tested positive for tests that had been carried out before embarking on the trip, because he had been in close contact with a deceased the covid-19.

As reported to Efe by a spokesperson for the Health Department of the Canary Islands Government, the prevention protocol has been activated in mid-flight, after the Department of Public Health of Castilla y León reported that I had just received the positive results of the analysis from a person going to Lanzarote.

The Canary Islands Government is going to demand an investigation into the behavior of this passenger, that it will force to 14 days quarantine not only him, but also the travelers who occupied the adjacent seats, because the flights from the peninsula to the islands are still limited to assessed causes and require the signing of a responsible declaration on the health situation of the interested party.

While the de-escalation phases are still in force (Lanzarote is in phase 2 and Madrid and Castilla y León, in 1), You can only fly to the Canary Islands for work, for return to habitual residence, for need of care of relatives or by force majeure.

The Canary Islands Government will review whether this passenger, who will have the tests repeated in seven days, met any of these circumstances and if he signed an irregular declaration, since he considers irresponsible that he would board while pending the results of an analysis of possible contagion.

The passenger is known to be a resident citizen of Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha), although it is not his community, but that of Castilla y León, which is the one that had the results of its analyzes and the one that has notified the departments of Public Health of Madrid and the Canary Islands.

As soon as the plane landed in Lanzarote, appropriate measures have been taken at the airport to isolate the case. Airplanes have filters that constantly renew the cabin air and eliminate most of the germs. In these cases, the sources have specified, it is only considered necessary to subject the passengers in the seats closest to the positive traveler to isolation, because there is only a risk of contagion after a period of exposure, not after specific proximity.

With almost 151,000 inhabitants, Lanzarote has suffered in this pandemic 84 cases of covid-19, with three deaths. Only three of the cases registered on this island are still active, according to data updated several times a day by the Government of the Canary Islands.

The island has not registered any positive for coronavirus since April 30 and the Government of the Canary Islands plans to request for it to go to phase 3 of deconfinition on June 8, the same as for Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma and Fuerteventura.


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