After the sports break back into training – this has to be considered

After the sports break back into training - this has to be considered

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The corona loosening also affects popular sports. More and more people are allowed to be active again under certain conditions. However, if you overdo it at the start, you risk the next forced break.If fitness, Golf, athletics or tennis: if you start sport again after weeks of inactivity, you should take it easy.

Because a long forced break due to the Corona virus may have taken its toll.

The muscles and ligaments are no longer as smooth. This increases the risk of strains and tears. In addition, technology may have suffered and performance decreased.

“You can’t start where you left off,” advises Prof. Ingo Froböse, Head of the Institute for Exercise Therapy at the German Sport University Cologne.

And don’t despair if things don’t go up as quickly as hoped: “After long sports breaks it takes twice as long to get back to the old level. “

Less weights, more repetitions

For example, if you can no longer lift the usual weights in the gym, you should reduce the number of kilograms and do more repetitions – 12 to 15 pieces, the expert recommends.

Tennis players advise Froböse to first pay attention to the technology and not to play immediately in competition – and if so, it would be better to use a slower surface like sand instead of the hard court.

In general, the risk of injury is higher in all speed sports after the break because the muscles have lost suppleness.

Even golfers prefer not to go straight to the 18-hole round, but rather get back the feeling for the swing on the driving range, recommends Froböse.

Start leisurely and regenerate sufficiently

In general, the following applies to all active people: it is better to apply the brakes first, start slowly – and also the Regeneration breaks do not forget. After an extensive Strength training you should pause at least two days, after endurance training at least one day.

By the way: If you were active during the restrictions and did some sport at home using digital courses, you could even be more productive than before, says Froböse.

“You may have activated completely new muscle areas that are now helping you to train.”


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