Airbus experts investigate plane crash in Pakistan

Airbus experts investigate plane crash in Pakistan

© Frederico Gambarini / dpa
Volunteers and volunteers searched for survivors after an airplane crashed in a residential area in southern Pakistan

Islamabad / Karachi. Experts from the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus have arrived at the crash site of the passenger plane in Karachi after the plane crash in Pakistan.

The team of eleven should work with experts from the airline concerned to “determine the real reason for the crash,” said a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Tuesday.

The PIA aircraft launched in Lahore – an Airbus A320 – crashed into a residential area in the metropolis on Friday shortly before landing at Karachi airport. The crash site was devastated and several people on the ground were injured. 97 passengers on the plane were killed. Two passengers survived the accident.

According to the PIA, the experts should investigate the runway and the crash site, where the authorities have now stopped clearing away wreckage. The flight recorder and the black box of the machine should also be handed over to them for evaluation. The exact cause of the crash is not yet known. According to the PIA, the pilot reportedly reported technical problems to the tower shortly before. Radio communications indicated that the engines had failed.

Just a week earlier, the authorities had decided to resume domestic air traffic. Due to the corona pandemic, international flights to the South Asian country will be suspended until the end of the month.



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