Anne Roumanoff on the verge of “burn out” faced with the success of her action to help caregivers

Anne Roumanoff on the verge of

Anne Roumanoff on the verge of “burn out” faced with the success of her action to help caregivers

This May 7, Anne Roumanoff confided in her work in the Solidarity association which helps caregivers especially throughout the health crisis. An action which was a real success, to the point of destabilizing the humorist …

Since the start of containment, everyone tries to help in their own way. The personalities are also trying to provide assistance, particularly to nursing staff on the front lines to fight the pandemic. This is the case of David Lynch who decided to give lessons in transcendental meditation. For years, the director is a follower of this discipline. He therefore proposed to train caregivers in this method, as part of the operation Heal the Healers Now ((Let’s take care of the caregivers now, in French). “It is said that the doctors and nurses are at war and that the enemy is the coronavirus. Many soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress and this is also what happens to them. Meditation will help them to combat this stress and to replace it with happiness and inner peace. Help us bring that to our doctors and nurses who are on the front line in this fight, “ said the director in a press release relayed by People.

Anne Roumanoff on the verge of burnout?

For its part, Anne Roumanoff also helped to help caregivers. The comedian confided in our colleagues from Parisian on the creation of the association Solidarity with caregivers. A launch of which she had not suspected the extent. “I launched a call on Facebook and we ended up with 361 lots with a symbolic price of 1 euro. We raised 227,000 euros and in one month, we are over 300,000 euros. We helped over 200 establishments. It is very expensive to wear protective equipment and it is also disposable. We must not stop the fight. Caregivers still need us “, she said. Among the lots on sale: a photograph signed Yann Arthus-Bertrand, an hour of seductive coaching by the founder of Meetic, or a day of filming with the duo Catherine and Liliane.

What attract the most generous … To the point of shaking up the comedian’s daily life considerably. Far from complaining about the association’s success, Anne Roumanoff did not hide, however, that she was not fully prepared to manage an action of this magnitude. “Here everyone gets high and I even grazed burnout several times. I found myself in tears of fatigue, of emotion. It is very difficult to drop out, there is so much distress, there are requests. ”