Apple noise canceling headphones on sale again

Apple noise canceling headphones on sale again

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AirPods Pro: Apple noise canceling headphones on sale again

The pair of Apple AirPods Pro goes to 260 euros instead of 279 euros at Amazon. The opportunity to acquire the latest wireless headphones from the apple brand.

The pair of AirPods Pro wireless headphones is usually sold for 279 euros, but Amazon is currently applying 7% reduction on this model, which lowers its price to 260 euros. This is an interesting offer, allowing you to acquire these headphones released on the market in September 2019 at a fair price. Apple’s AirPods Pro mainly display two innovations compared to AirPods 2, the previous model: first instead, they embed active noise reduction technology, which allows them to isolate themselves to listen to music and make calls from a smartphone without being disturbed by ambient noise. Then, their charging case recharges itself wirelessly: just place it on a Qi-compatible station, sold separately, to benefit from this functionality.

AirPods Pro headphones are optimized to work with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch connected watches. They allow the Siri voice assistant to be used when paired with one of its terminals. They are also compatible with all devices with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Their autonomy goes up to 4.5 hours per charge with noise reduction activated, and up to 24 hours in total thanks to their charging case. It’s a pair of high-end headphones that Amazon is currently offering at a fair price: the online store also offers home delivery.

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