asks for 9,000 million and demands 40 measures

asks for 9,000 million and demands 40 measures

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The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has its own de-escalation plan with respect to Spain. The pandemic of the coronavirus that leaves almost 30,000 dead in the country does not make him forget his political plans and his great objective: independence. To get out of the economic and social crisis as soon as possible and recover the Catalan pulse, it has announced that it will present this Sunday to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, a plan with the 40 “essential” measures in all executive areas to revive the Catalan economy.

In a statement on Saturday night from the Palau de la Generalitat, Torra explained that he will take those 40 measures, “absolutely essential to revive the Catalan economy,” to the meeting that Sánchez will hold with the regional presidents. Among them, the Catalan president has mentioned the payment of the debt and the pending financing with Catalonia, which has amounted to 9,000 million euros.

Torra has reiterated that he will ask Sánchez to return to Catalonia the lost competitions and has said that until that happens “We will oppose,” he announced, “the extensions of the state of alarm”. After ensuring that the Government’s priority has been and will continue to be saving lives, the Catalan president has indicated that now another has arrived “very important moment, which is to save jobs “, and for this he said that” the time factor is very important, and it is necessary to make decisions without wasting an hour more “.

In addition to claiming the 9,000 million euros in debt and pending financing -third provision of the Statute, financing of the Mossos or the dependency law-, the package of measures announced by Torra includes the relaxation of labor regulations for immigrants , the payment of aid for the storm Gloria and the payment of the extra cost of about 500 million euros for public transport, Efe reports.

Other proposals to the Government are that it comply with its contributions committed to culture, the implementation of a wine plan that protects this sector or the repeal of what is known as “digital decree”. The president has announced that he expects the government to give a “concrete and clear” response to his proposals next week.

Quim Torra has also detailed a series of objectives that his government is proposing for the coming weeks, the first of which is to regain powers. “Until this happens, we will oppose any extension of the state of alarm”, has ensured. The second of them is that the decisions made by the Govern during the lack of confinement will be based only on sanitary criteria and the third, of an economic nature, will focus on giving confidence to the workers, self-employed and entrepreneurs because they consider that “it is time for the administrations and these have to go into debt to save jobs, especially in the tourism, commerce and culture sectors, those most affected by the crisis, “he said.

Likewise, the president has celebrated the implementation of the minimum vital income and has stressed that another of the Government’s objectives for the coming weeks is to “ensure this payment urgently” and to regulate “immediately” the subsidy of family reconciliation. Torra has also claimed from the Government the transfer of 4,000 million euros of extraordinary expenses derived from the COVID-19, which allows the surpluses of the municipalities to be released and to end the fiscal deficit that ensures that it supports Catalonia.

The president, who has indicated that the next few days the Minister of Education will meet with the sector to analyze the reopening of schools, has announced that next week he plans to visit Conca d’Òdena, an area that suffered one of the most important outbreaks of coronavirus in Catalonia.


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