Attempted coup against Maduro: US mercenaries captured

Attempted coup against Maduro: US mercenaries captured

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The Venezuelan State television CPI has shown a video in which a US citizen apparently confesses to the fall of president Nicolás Maduro to have planned. He had been instructed to leave the airport by Caracas to secure and allow the landing of an airplane that should bring Maduro to the US, said Luke Denman, a former member of the US Special Operations Forces (“BBC“) in the video. Denman said he and Airan Berry be from Jordan Goudreau, an American military veteran, from the private security company Silvercorp USA, Florida, has been tasked with the operation.

He was after mid-January Colombia Flown where to train Venezuelan fighters, Denman said in the video that VPI aired on Wednesday afternoon (local time). The group therefore planned to go to Caracas, “secure” Venezuela’s capital and control over the international one Airport Get Simon Bolivar. Then Maduro should be arrested.

In a press conference, Maduro accused US President Donald Trump as “direct boss of this invasion” – alias “Operation Gedeon“.

Venezuela has described Luke Denman and 12 others arrested over the weekend as “mercenaries” whose armed robbery has been thwarted. At the beginning of the week, he was arrested along with other men in a speedboat on the coast of the South American country (“20 min”). Another eight “mercenary terrorists” were killed in fighting, according to Venezuelan figures. The US has denied any involvement.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

“There was no direct US government involvement in this operation.” If we had been involved, it would have been different. ” If they were really Americans, they would do everything they could to get them back.

Also opposition politicians and Maduro challengers Juan Guaidó rejected any participation in the coup attempt.


Maduro has often accused Trump of trying to invade and overthrow the country.

The Venezuelan president said the arrested Americans would get a fair trial. He gave no information about the whereabouts of the men. It is unclear whether they have access to a lawyer.

Critics accuse the authoritarian Maduro government of attempting invasions more often staged to have, for example, to act against the opposition.

The US had Maduro in March of Drug trafficking charged with a $ 15 million bounty.

The US government is considered Maduro’s bitter opponent. He has been in power in Venezuela since 2013. Since then, more than 4.5 million people (out of just under 32 million, estimate for 2018) have left the country. The once rich Venezuela is in a deep economic crisis, electricity, water and health care have almost collapsed, basic food supplies are scarce. The South American country with the largest known Oil reserves is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world.