attention, between friends, we quickly forget the barrier gestures …

attention, between friends, we quickly forget the barrier gestures ...

Deconfinement aperitif, reunions for less than ten in a small apartment … The French have been meeting since Monday, but do not always respect barrier gestures with their friends, giving hugs or standing within a meter. Actions that however must be urgently assimilated to avoid a resurgence of the pandemic.

Since Monday, the French can finally see their loved ones, from whom they were separated for two months of confinement. And it’s a liberation for some, who hasten to distribute the iinvitations to an aperitif or dinner to finally get together.

But the coronavirus pandemic has not disappeared, and the reunion with friends, if they take place, must respect strict rules. However, in practice, it is very difficult to maintain physical distance between friends, even with less than ten people.

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“It’s not very warm”

“I didn’t kiss anyone at the finish, but we kissed at the start, alcohol helping …”, says Mélanie. During his reunion dinner with his group of friends in their fifties, adhesive tape had been stuck to keep the guests away from each other. But he did not stay long. “It’s true that I expected there to be more rules,” she said. “But you realize that in a friendly circle, it is difficult to respect 1 m, even 1.50 m. It is not very warm”.

Same difficulty in the gang of eight of Élodie’s friends, who did not respect the rules of social distancing, for lack of space in her small apartment. “When we got together, we couldn’t be three feet apart,” said the young woman. “Unless there is one who goes into the bathtub, one into the toilet, and one punished in the kitchen …”


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“We will have to establish new reflexes”

For Antoine Pelissolo, psychiatrist, it will simply take time to integrate these new habits. “Even those who are very vigilant, there are gestures that are very natural,” he explains. “We’ll have to establish new reflexes, when the brain is trained, little by little, we put in place other cerebral routines, I think we will get there “, he adds, reassuring.

So, the time has come for us to learn to replace gestures – prohibited – by what we have left: words. And, for example, to replace a brace with a simple “it’s nice to see you”.

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