Audit of Redrado in Red finished

Audit of Redrado in Red finished

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The economist is an Independent fan.

After more than five months of work, Martín Redrado completed the audit that the Independent management committee had commissioned. We will have to wait to know what the results were, since they will be announced only when soccer returns.

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The economist received a call from the President of the Red, Hugo Moyano, on November 23 of last year. At the end of December, he began to carry out a survey to start catching up on the financial situation of the institution. They were months of hard work, analysis, conclusions and planning. The report is now ready and available to the board of directors.

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The audit was carried out with the aim of knowing precisely where the institution is standing. There are many debt claims that have come in recent times and the leaders wanted to know precisely who, how much and what is owed to them. In the club they suspected that some claims for amounts from previous efforts were not justified.

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Redrado worked ad honorem. The former president of the Central Bank did not charge money to do the audit. He decided to provide his services for free because he is an Independent fan. He selected a team of economists to help him carry out the arduous task of reviewing all the financial years, contracts and financial movements of the institution in recent years. And not only detected the problems, but also proposed solutions and devised a strategic and global plan to modernize the club in terms of its structural economy, in order to optimize resources and end deficits.

I meanDo you have political aspirations Redrado in Independiente? The economist for now did not comment on it, although in Avellaneda the rumor has been running for a while that he would like to be linked to the club he is a fan of. Time will give the answer. What is clear is that you already know how few the pressing situation in which Red is immersed.


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