Aulas retropedale on the Amiens petition … and tackle Eyraud

Aulas retropedale on the Amiens petition ... and tackle Eyraud

OL President Jean-Michel Aulas, who is campaigning against the decision to stop the championships, has become somewhat tangled by signing Amiens’ petition for a 22-team Ligue 1 championship. What he never wished for personally.

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Jean-Michel Aulas

Entangled in a losing battle against the decision to end the Ligue 1 season, Jean-Michel Aulas exasperates his fellow presidents to the utmost. This Monday, it was again catch on the fly by Jean-Pierre Caillot, the president of the Stade de Reims, tired of hearing it all the time. Then mocked by Laurent Nicollin, who made fun of his position changes: “He has signed petitions to play at 22, while he has been asking us to play at 18 for years,” said the club’s boss.

Aulas: “I am not in favor of a Ligue 1 to 22”

It is true that Jean-Michel Aulas signed and then relayed a petition from the Amiens club, claiming a Ligue 1 championship with 22 teams next season. But it was clearly a mistake, as the main social media player admitted. “I support Amiens against the premature end of Ligue 1, I am not in favor of a Ligue 1 with 22 teams”, tweeted the president of OL. Until the endian in his approach, Aulas started a madwoman media tour which we do not see the outcome.

In this fight he leads against what he considers an injustice, Jean-Michel Aulas has often found Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the president of the OM, on his way. Aulas has repeatedly criticized his management of the Marseille club in recent months. “Let him take care of his locker room,” launched the OL boss on Monday evening on Twitter to his Marseille counterpart, referring to the tension between OM players and their president.


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