Ayuso excludes the Madrid Medical Association from a meeting with the health sector to deal with de-escalation

Ayuso excludes the Madrid Medical Association from a meeting with the health sector to deal with de-escalation


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The Community of Madrid has launched a smear campaign against the Madrid College of Doctors after its president, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Chillón, said on Friday in an interview in the Sixth that Madrid was not ready to go through the phase as the regional government had claimed this to the Ministry of Health and this was denied.

The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, he has been meeting with various economic and health sectors for two days to deal precisely with de-escalation. Tuesday afternoon was the turn of the toilets and Ayuso and his Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, have decided to exclude the College of Physicians, as Cadena Ser has advanced and confirmed eldiario.es.

Ayuso has met this sea with Several professional groups in the health sector, including Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry, but at that meeting it has not received the highest body representing Madrid doctors. The Madrid Medical Association has not participated in this meeting.

Your president, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Chillón, has manifested after not having been summoned to this appointment, that the medical group “will shortly have the corresponding meeting to continue working as it has done so far both with the current counselor and with the one who preceded him in a good line of harmony”.

“The current perception indicates that it is risky to move to PHASE 1 in Madrid,” said the president of the College of Physicians this Friday in Better late (The Sixth), a few words that have not gone down well in the regional government. The Health Minister, asked about these words in his joint conference with Ayuso on Saturday, already wanted to link the professional college with the unions. A statement that was repeated a day later by the newly appointed vice-counselor for the strategy against the coronavirus, Antonio Zapatero, in an interview also in the Sixth.

“I have to say that as a member of the College of Physicians for 38 years, that unfortunately, we have a college that is that it is never in the reality of what is happening. In these three months I have not heard a reasonable proposal from the technical, organizational point of view of what to do in Madrid, “said Zapatero. “It has a current language very similar to union language,” added the new deputy counsel, formerly director of the field hospital installed in Ifema.

What Zapatero does not count is that shortly before the health crisis occurred, he had presented himself as a candidate to preside over that professional college, according to Medical Writing.

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