Bayern Munich near to strike a blow!

Bayern Munich near to strike a blow!

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Mercato: Bayern Munich close to hitting a big blow!

Bayern Munich and Manchester City striker Leroy Sane agree on the principle of a transfer, but the amount remains to be negotiated between the two clubs, said German media Sport Bild on Wednesday.

Bayern, according to Sport Bild, would have offered 40 million euros for the 24-year-old German international, to whom he would offer a five-year contract.

Until recently, a sum of 100 million or more was raised for this young striker who also passes for one of the future big stars of the German team, with Munich’s Serge Gnabry.

But according to Bild, Bayern has several arguments to justify its offer.

The coronavirus crisis has permanently weakened football economically, and prices on the transfer market will be affected this summer.

Manchester City, which needs a cash inflow to comply with the requirements of UEFA financial fair play, has a knife in its throat as Sané will end his contract in June 2021 and could then leave without any compensation .

In addition, Sané suffered a serious knee injury last August and has not played for his club for nine months now, which casts doubt on his ability to return as quickly as possible to his level during the 2018-2019 season.


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