Bill Gates reveals when you can have the Covid-19 vaccine

Bill Gates reveals when you can have the Covid-19 vaccine

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Bill gates He gave details on the creation of a vaccine against the new coronavirus COV-SARS-2, in addition to this, he asked for global cooperation to overcome this pandemic.

On his personal blog, the billionaire businessman wrote that the world will be able to return to normal when it has the perfect medicine to treat Covid-19 and when almost everyone on the planet has been vaccinated.

It should be remembered that his foundation is focusing its efforts in the fight against this pandemic, so it gave details about the possible date on which the vaccine will be available.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that he believes it will take around 18 months to develop a coronavirus vaccine. I agree with him, although it could be as little as nine months or up to two years, “he assured.

He mentioned that although 18 months may seem like a long time, this could be considered the fastest time span in which scientists have created a vaccine.

“Safety and efficacy are the two most important goals for every vaccine. Some minor side effects (such as mild fever or pain at the injection site) may be acceptable, but you don’t want to infect people with something that makes them sick“He expressed.

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He explained that while the ideal would be for a vaccine to be 100 percent effective, it is often not possible. “For example, this year’s flu shot is about 45 percent effective,” he wrote.

“It is unlikely to happen soon. We would need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective in stopping the outbreak. Most of the candidate vaccines right now are not that close. They could save many lives, but they are not enough for us to return to normality, “he concluded.

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