Botta’s situation in Defense

Botta's situation in Defense

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Botta and his chance to emigrate from the Falcon in June. Photo: ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP.

Rubén Botta arrived at Defense and Justice at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of rediscovering his level or, at least, adding minutes to revalue himself. It happens that in 2019 he did not fit into the San Lorenzo that Monarriz was running at the time and the Falcon appeared to propose ownership. And not only did he have it, but he also made the most of it. The question is that he has a contract until December of this year but there is a clause in his link that allows the player to decide to break said union if an offer arrives in June. And it is something that worries the leadership and coach Hernán Crespo.

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The steering wheel does not have a need to leave Varela. He is comfortable with the directive handling and with the soccer one too. In turn, Valdanito considers that it is an important piece of imbalance in the team and Botta is served by feeling this way again. And although he is still in a hurry, at the small table they begin to look askance at his situation, because of the great performance he had been showing both locally and in the Libertadores.

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And how do they see it? As they entrusted Olé, if the supposed offer is from Argentina, the left-hander would choose to continue training in Bosques. But … what if it’s from abroad? That is where it gets very complicated. Especially since, despite the fact that his contract is one of the most expensive in Defense, it would be very difficult for him to compete against a proposal from abroad. The idea of ​​the CD is for Ruben Botta to continue being a player of the Falcon, but they already anticipate that it will be a complicated situation because it will not depend only on them …


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