Broke out of Berlin Zoo in 1943

Broke out of Berlin Zoo in 1943

© Wikimedia Commons / Rigelus / CC BY-SA 3.0
How the alligator (here a symbol picture) spent the years after his escape is puzzling Source: Wikimedia Commons / Rigelus / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Moscow Zoo mourns its alligator Saturn, which emerged from the Second World War Berlin zoo broke out and was then brought to Russia. The Russian zoo said on Saturday that the animal had turned 84 and died of old age. “This is an extremely remarkable age.” In the wild, life expectancy is only between 30 and 50 years. “Saturn had a long and varied life,” it said.

The 3.50 meter long animal was born in the United States around 1936 and then came to Berlin. The alligator did on the bombing night from November 23, 1943 can break out of the zoo. It was only accidentally discovered by British soldiers three years later. How he spent this time is a mystery.

In July 1946 he was transported to Moscow. After that, the myth was born that the alligator might have heard of Adolf Hitler, the zoo continued. This has also been widely speculated in Germany. However, there are no documents that could prove this.

The Moscow Zoo said: “Even if it belonged to someone in theory – animals are not involved in war and politics.” It was an honor to hold Saturn for 74 years.


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